Kung Fu Fighter

When I was a child, I was what you might call a real "softie" and as a result I was subjected to all kinds of bullying and name calling for over half of my school life.

I used to love watching the TV series "Kung-Fu". The star character was a very quiet, gentle guy who was always getting tangled up in some kind of trouble. But this guy was a master of Chinese Kung-Fu and you just knew that it would be the bad guys that ended up with a thrashing!

Obviously, this held some appeal to me, so one day I decided to go for it and join a local Martial Arts club. I began to do all kinds of physical training including weight training and running. I stuck with it for several years and eventually I got to be so good that I almost became a legend on the streets of my home town - I used to hang out with all the tough guys because I had earned their respect with my physical prowess and Martial Arts expertise. I also became nocturnal and got involved in all kinds of "questionable" pastimes. I had really gone a long way astray from the way I had been brought up, but no-one called me names now!

all I had then is nothing compared with what I have now

After a while I started getting into a "serious" relationship and out of that my first son was born. For some reason we decided to have our son christened in the Church where my mother had sometimes worked. To cut a long story short, through that I decided to turn my life over to Jesus and become a Christian.

It's not true that I have never looked back, but when I have looked back I see that all I had then is nothing compared with what I have now. I can safely tell you that there is NO life when you are lost in the world and away from God - all you have is an illusion. I found that God is always there and never changes - He loves me and is always waiting for me to come back if I wander away again.