My first love

I had always called myself a Christian but I struggled to understand why bad things happened when you're in God's hands - I couldnt deal with hurt or pain so I turned away.

Three years on, I had two children and it wasn't until my ex-partner left me, I realised there was something missing in my life; something deeper than anyone could give in person. God had aways been there but I was angry at him and the anger spiralled out of control and I was lashing out at those I cared for and those close to me. I couldnt see that I was hurting and afraid to make that step that God was calling me to make.

I realised I was needing God

It wasn't until I was taken into Hospital with a stress-realated illness that I realised I was needing God and so wanted that comfort and a resting place.

As I lay almost asleep one night I prayed and ask God to forgive me and to give me his resting place.

A year on I am blessed to have come so far and how God has changed my life and shown me different things and given me the peace I needed in my life. I discovered that no matter what our mistakes or disappoinments, God loves us uncondtionally and picks us up right were we are at. Every day I pray for the Grace to bless me and my children. My eldest daughter now prays with me too which is a blessing to me.

Over the last few years God has provided for me in one way or another and with God all things are possible. Trusting in him is all I do now.