About Daylight

Daylight Counselling offers a specialist, professional service providing sensitive, non-judgmental care to help people through the multitude of problems that make life tough - depression, anxiety, bereavement, childhood abuse, trauma and many other issues - bringing a new ability to overcome these negative forces and to cope with life.

Daylight Counselling was set up by a group of churches in Leigh, Lancashire, in response to needs they saw in the community, which they felt the church was in a unique position to address. None of the churches involved had the resources to meet these needs on its own but, in discussing and praying together, it became clear that these needs might begin to be meet by working together. Thus the vision for Daylight was born and Daylight Counselling opened in October 2005.

All Daylight's services are based on Christian principles and ethos. This means we have a distinctly Christian approach based on sensitivity to people's needs and acceptance of them as people. However, Daylight welcomes as clients those of other faiths and with no faith at all.

Daylight takes referrals from medical and mental health professionals in the NHS and also self-referrals from those in need of our help.

To apply for counselling for yourself or on behalf of someone else, please use the link on the home page. If you need further information please e-mail us at info@daylightcounselling.org.uk